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Each category can hold a lot of topics that have been placed by other members of the forum. In those topics, the actual messages are viewable. Om zelf ook antwoorden te geven op berichten, of zelf een nieuwe conversatie te beginnen, zul je eerst lid moeten worden.

How do I display this window?

  • Press at 'Home', located in the upper toolbar
  • Press at a Subject/Category you're interested in, or choose the general subject

Topic Creation
Topics can be added by pressing the 'New Topic' button in the extra toolbar.
Note that before you can do this, you need to create a member account first.

Hot Topic Icons
Topics can have different icons, what helps you finding a interesting topic. Topics wherein users have posted quite an amount of posts, will be marked as 'hot-topics' or 'very-hot-topics' and flames will appear on the thead's icon.

New Topic Icons
When you're logged in, all your topic views will be monitored. If a topic has been modified after your last visit, a new icon will appear at the end of the topic's name. This helps you detecting changes very fast. After you've registered your member account, all topics will be marked as read, so again you'll find changes after your registration fast.

Locked Topics
When users are polluting the forum, by creating topics containing nonsence, those topics can be locked by moderators of the forum. Locked topics can still be accessed, but no one can post new messages on it. A lock icon will appear on the topic's icon.

See Also

For more help, please send mail to webmaster(at), giving this help topic id (subject), and what you did before reading this help topic.

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