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Zetor 6911 - Water In Engine Oil - Help !

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Zetor 6911 - Water In Engine Oil - Help !  
  Started at Sun Feb 24 18:55:31 2013
My 6911 has started putting the water into the engine oil ! I have read somewhere that it could be the liner seals ? If so is this a big job to repair ? I was contemplating adding a sealant to the coolant to see if this might cure it - Any thioughts ?

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Re: Zetor 6911 - Water In Engine Oil - Help !  
  Reply #1 Posted at Sun Feb 24 19:33:32 2013
that, or the head gaskets.

If you put 1 bar on the cooling system with an air compressor (the pressure at which normally the filler cap blows by) you might see seeping water if the oil sump is removed. Needless to say, do not run the engine, just pressurise it and see.

You might hve to remove the oil pump and baffle too, but no big deal.

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Re: Zetor 6911 - Water In Engine Oil - Help !  
  Reply #2 Posted at Wed Feb 27 06:57:51 2013
Could be a frost plug in the head too.
Look under the rocker covers for signs of water.
there is another thread on here from a few weeks back, exact same questions....... and answers happy

Whatever the question was, the answer is MORE POWER wink

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