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Zetor 7341 Brake and clutch problems

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Zetor 7341 Brake and clutch problems  
  Started at Sat Mar 9 02:30:58 2013
I just bought a 7341 and just blew a brake cylinder out. I have not had time to change it so I have just been using it around the yard not using the brakes. The other day the clutch started slipping. Could this be caused by the low fluid? I was told that if it had low fluid that it should cause the cluch to stick and not slip? So my questions are more how hard is it to change the brake cylinder? Zetor said all I need to do is remove the wheel, and could the clutch be slipping due to this?

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Re: Zetor 7341 Brake and clutch problems  
  Reply #1 Posted at Sat Mar 9 09:32:15 2013

The clutch slipping will be a different problem to the brake issue.
Changing the cylinder can be a right pig depending on the age of the tractor. Later ones with a small seperate cylinder weren't too bad but the early ones have the cylinder built into the cast block bolted onto the top of the axle. You can get it off by removing the wheel but it's a lot easier to take the floor of the cab out, especially if it is the r/h side one. You'll probably find the cylinder is rusty. It is very expensive to replace so a buff up with emery cloth and new seals usually works.

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