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Desta fork lift = Zetor?

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Desta fork lift = Zetor?  
  Started at Wed Mar 27 22:35:54 2013
A friend of mine have several Desta fork lifts, the newest one is from 1994. They have a kind of two step gear, powershift of course, and converter.

I see several Things from Zetor on them, like gages, swithers, lights and, of course, the engine. Looks like my 6911 engine... (6901)

So, is Desta a Zetor owned Company or what?

By the way, this is extremly solid and strong fork lifts... They drop'd one of them from the Crane on bord a cargo boat and Down to the pier, from abaut 2 meters over the pier. Only damage was a broken window, because of the Chain that slammed into it...happy

Happy owner of a 1979 mod 6911 with front end loader, a 8540 from 1997 and a 2007 Proxima 8441 with TL 120 SL loader. Next tractor is going to be a Forterra...happy
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Re: Desta fork lift = Zetor?  
  Reply #1 Posted at Thu Mar 28 08:35:16 2013
They are now owned by CZ, which also makes the turbos for Zetor.
John Deere also uses these turbos on their TIER 2 and TIER 3A engines with two valves per cylinder.

In the old days, everyone used local components, but after the fall of socialism, manufacturers went for cheaper import engines like Yanmar. off course a small, high revving Yanmar wont last as long as a 3.5 liter Zetor, but when socialism fell they were suddenly exposed to the free market and had to cut costs...

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1973 Zetor 5718, repainted and shiny, rebuilding it bit by bit
1978 Zetor 5718, rough but full options !! (synchro box, power steering and 1000rpm PTO) wink
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