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8211 PTO problems

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8211 PTO problems  
  Started at Mon May 9 02:30:23 2016

My old 8211 started giving me PTO problems. I've got an owners manual and repair manual for it but nothing with diagnostics. I've done some reading on-line and found some suggestions as to how I might proceed but I've got a few questions.

This tractor was old when I bought it. I use it to shred my fields about once a year. Today when I started the tractor at first the PTO didn't engage. After driving across the field for fifty feet or so it engaged.

When the PTO engages it does so with a grinding or ratcheting sound. It's always done that and I never gave it much thought. After working for perhaps an hour it started to ocassionally "ratchet" just a little bit under especially heavy loads and most specifically when I was making a sharp left turns. I checked the hydraulic oil level and it was at the correct level.

After a couple hours I decided to head back to the house. When I disengaged the PTO it seemed like it kept spinning for quite a while before finally stopping. Then later when I tried to engage the PTO it would not do so.

As I mentioned, after studying the manuals I started reading forums on-line. There was not a huge amount of useful info but I read that I will want check the hydraulic line pressure where it goes into the PTO and want about 175psi. I don't have a pressure gauge (I'll buy one) but cracking the line I did see that there was fluid flowing with the PTO engaged.

I got to wondering about the tendency for the PTO to make noise when turning left. This almost sounds to me like the hydraulic fluid is low and running away from the pickup on turns. But it indicates full on the dip stick.

Someone else mentioned possibly the pressure bypass is stuck. I'd like to check that if the pressure is low but can't find where it's located by looking through the manual.

If I need to I'll pull the PTO clutch pack but not until I've checked out everything else first.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what else I might do to proceed?



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