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Proud New Zetor Owner

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Proud New Zetor Owner  
  Started at Wed Aug 9 13:28:54 2006
Just bought my first Zetor (5211) with Allied loader and for its age and usage, it runs like new and everything works. I'm impressed!
Now, there are some things I want to fix-up cosmetically such as the rear cab window (broke), door handels, etc, does anyone know where I can get cosmetic parts for the cab?

Any pointers on what I should go through on this tractor before putting it through heavy use?



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Tom's Zetor Crystal 8011..just chugging along!

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Re: Proud New Zetor Owner  
  Reply #1 Posted at Fri Aug 11 06:42:08 2006
Congrats on becoming a Zetor owner!

Re the back window, your local glass supply shop will be able to help. Re the door locks, I have taken mine off my 8011 with an angle grinder, repaired and rewelded back on.

I would give the tractor a basic overhaul i.e. change engine oil, clean oil filter, change fuel filters, flush radiator and refill with clean water and antifreeze/summer coolant, check condition of water and fuel hoses and replace any that look dodgy, check hydraulic oil level and top up if necessary, check brake adjustment, test that lights are working......and you're away.

Happy Zetoring!

Tom in Ireland 1977 Crystal 8011
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Re: Proud New Zetor Owner  
  Reply #2 Posted at Mon Aug 14 20:56:24 2006
Thank you Tom!
I did all of your above mentioned and then, for the first time went out to do some tilling. The tractor ran great!!!
But after tilling about an acre I shut the tractor down and had radiator fliud coming out my overflow hose. When I check the level, I did notice the radiator cap seemed wore out so I wonder if it is relieving itself prematurly (below the cap pressure setting)?

Other than that, I plan on being a long time member here and hope see more frequent posts.



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Re: Proud New Zetor Owner  
  Reply #3 Posted at Tue Aug 15 13:58:29 2006

I had a similar problem with mine - it turned out that it was 'borderline overheating' sometimes due to a lazy thermostat. A new thermostat cured the problem. It's an easy replacement although beware of low-flying circlips (you will see what I mean if you need to replace yours happy )

I also thought my radiator cap felt a bit weak but my local zetor dealer wouldn't sell me a new one - he said that the new ones are just the same happy

All the best


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