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Terms and Rules

These rules / explanations basically refer to all websites of Zetorworld.com

I Board Rules

These regulations apply without restriction to all users and / or Visitors to this website and visitors who identify themselves as Users register for all functions of this website to be able to use.

The rules of this forum are fundamentally based on international law on freedom of the press and information.

Each user must follow these rules to the best of their knowledge and belief and without restriction.

Users of this website who are associated with one and/or more If you do not agree to the conditions of use mentioned in these board rules and/or in the disclaimer, you must leave this Internet forum immediately.

Every visitor who wants to register here as a user has this I took note of the rules in the registration form and thus recognized them as the irrevocable legal basis for membership and use of this website.

By accepting the board rules in the registration form and sending it, that you have read and understood these rules, the disclaimer, the data protection information and all conditions mentioned here and that you want to register free of charge as a user of Zetorworld.com with irrevocable acceptance of all conditions mentioned here.

1. Freedom of Speech - Forum Contents

1.1 Freedom of Speech
There is fundamental freedom of expression in the forum.

Posts in the forum will neither be edited nor deleted if they are based on the principles and rules listed here.

1.2 Topics not tolerated
Posts with the following content will be published on our platform not tolerated under any circumstances and deleted immediately:

• Pornographic content or links to pornographic content lead

• illegal and/or racist content and requests for it Actions

• Instructions or discussion of how to perform illegal activities (e.g. illegal downloads)

• defamatory or harassing content

• Software or services for distribution of unwanted Email Messages (Spam)

• Links to sites that pay for people visiting your site numbers (referrer ID's, etc...)

• Content that violates applicable German law

The forum management of the website reserves the right to do so If the author is excluded from the forum and the use of this website is prohibited.

Such measures are generally NOT announced and/or discussed in the forum because discussions about them are not to be conducted publicly and the decision always lies with the forum management.

1.3 Editing/deletion of posts by the forum management
In any case, the forum team has the right to post a other user's to edit or even delete if it is this due to the content and / or form appropriate.

What is "appropriate" or not is at the discretion of the relevant admins or moderators. There is no legal right to leave a post in the forum.
Content posted by users here on the forum for public use are posted remain indefinitely here in the forum available, provided they are not illegal, and are therefore considered general information content in this website.

In this respect, a deletion here in the forum is published by you content posted by users and the deletion of user accounts basically possible within the framework of the legal situation existing at the time of the deletion request if the user resigns from the forum as a registered user. Registered users who want to end their membership in Zetorworld.com, please send a private message to the forum management. The user account will then be immediately blocked and personal data will be deleted.

Posts published by users here in the forum, photos, Drawings etc. are only deleted if they contain personal data and are released to Zetorworld.com for general use without restriction and irrevocably. However, any copyrights remain.

1.4 References
Copied texts (from other sources) are please with the best possible source.

2. Behavior in the forum

2.1 Netiquette
Every user of the forum commits himself with his registration to be appropriate and friendly with the other users of the forum to deal with This generally includes compliance with general friendly manners and the usual etiquette regarding the Avoiding expletives, insults and slander. Failure to comply with these basic rules will result in exclusion from the forum if the following warning levels are observed:

• 1st warning level: 33%

• 2nd warning level: 66%

• 3rd warning level: 100% 1 month ban

• 4th warning level: 100% permanent ban

We are a friendly community and would like to counteract discord at an early stage!

2.2 Misconduct
Defamation, insults, provocations, etc. of any kind towards other users are not tolerated on Zetorworld.com, even if a provocation or something similar took place beforehand. In the event of such a circumstance, any user can notify an administrator or moderator of the circumstances and request a remedy by sending an email, a private message or the "Report" function of the forum.

Decisions of the administrators and moderators of this forum are BINDING and are NOT to be discussed in the forum! If you have any questions or are unclear, please send a private message to the relevant administrator/moderator.

2.3 Disputes
Should a dispute (as opposed to a normal discussion) between two or more users come about, this is also the case outside of the public area of our website. In case of doubt, it is up to the administration or the moderators to decide to what extent the contributions are about disputes. These are to be enclosed "externally". should the parties "personal messages", e-mails, messenger programs or other means of contact outside of this serve forums.

2.4 Double postings or similar topics
It is best to avoid using themes and uploading files to repeat the same content. It should before creating a new one the forum search function can be used to ensure that the topic has not already been published.

2.5 Topic Title
Only topics with a meaningful title are allowed. Threads with only "Help", "Search", "Urgent" or other meaningless content as topic titles will be deleted without warning.

2.6 Correct Post
Please make sure to post in the correct forum. The moderators (voluntary) also have other things to do than constantly moving posts.

2.7 Quotations
Quotations should only be used to reply to posts that are already interspersed with other posts. Direct answers do not need to be answered with a quote. In this case it is sometimes sufficient if you quote parts or put an '@ Nickname' in front of it. In the case of quotations from other websites, it is absolutely necessary to state the source

2.8 Political Discussions
Political ARBITRATION discussions and/or discussions on topics that can generally lead to verbal arguments (especially politics, faith, religion) are to be avoided here in the forum. A general discussion on such topics is tolerated, but must be conducted in such a way that all the rules that can be read here are observed without exception!

2.9 Advertising on our own behalf
Contributions or topics that obviously serve to advertise one's own cause will not be tolerated and will be deleted immediately by the forum management. There is a one-time notification of the violation via PM. In case of repetition, non-observance of this rule will lead to immediate exclusion from the forum!
The same applies to the promotion of products by the owner of the exclusive marketing right and to advertising distributed via our PM system.
Links to your own, commercial homepage are now permitted exclusively in the signature and in the corresponding profile field.

2.10 Reporting Misconduct
Misconduct by a user should be reported to the administration or a moderator of this internet forum by private message.

3. User Profile

3.1 Profile
Each user has the right to provide personal information according to the predefined fields in the user profile. Here, too, the rules of the forum must be observed.

3.2 Signature
The use of another user's signature should be avoided and can be prohibited by the administrators or moderators in individual cases. See point 4 of the board rules for more information.

3.3 Avatars
Each user may select a user image ("avatar"). Using an individual user picture is permitted; however, it must comply with the rules and not be stolen or copied by another user. Each avatar should be unique and can be banned or removed at any time by the forum team if they do not comply with the regulations. Copyright must also be observed for avatars!

4. Signatures

4.1 General
Signatures in the user's profile are generally allowed.

4.2 Size of signatures
Signatures should remain within the 'appropriate' framework, because the focus should be on the contribution and not the signature. Therefore, only text is permitted, or images no larger than 468x40 pixels (width x height). Signatures that are too large or inappropriate may be deleted by the administrator without prior notice.

4.3 Advertising and links in signatures
Links to one's own, private or business websites are expressly permitted in the signatures, provided that they do not involve Internet content that is in direct competition with the content of the Zetorworld.com pages. Links to your own, commercial homepage are permitted in normal font size, thickness and color, but NO references to ongoing campaigns, no offers, requests to buy or the like. In case of doubt, the final decision as to whether a link is permissible or not rests with the administration.

4.4 Editing/Deleting Signatures
We reserve the right to change or delete user profiles, entries, signatures, etc. if they violate the rules. In this case, the user will be notified if necessary.

5. Links

5.1 Links
Anyone who posts links (references to other websites) MUST ensure that the link is correct and conforms to the rules. This means that this link must not refer to any pornographic, violent or illegal content. If this is the case, we reserve the right to remove the posted link(s) as soon as we become aware of it. We also reserve the right to warn the user in question or to exclude him from the forum. It is not desired to publish links to other Internet content/sites and/or forums in which one should/must register here in the forum.

In any case, the team reserves the right to delete such links. Here, too, the conditions of the disclaimer in the forum apply without restriction.

Violations of this regulation can lead to exclusion from this internet forum. Each user of this Internet forum is responsible for all contributions, their content and any associated violations of the law. This applies in particular to the violation of copyrights through contributions and/or publications in this forum.

5.2 Censored Words and Terms
Some terms and words are censored in the forum for various reasons and are replaced by *** by the forum software.

Bypassing the "board censorship" can result in the immediate exclusion of the user - even without a warning.

6. Images

6.1 External images in the forum/gallery
Images from sources other than your own are subject to copyright and generally require the consent of the owner. If possible, these images should only be posted as a link in the forum. If this is not possible for technical reasons, a reference to the source must be attached to the image. Images from print media can be used in articles or the gallery, providing the source reference (author and source) is specified.

6.2 Own pictures in forum/gallery/photo competition
A user who uploads or links his own images/photos to the forum declares that he owns the copyright to this.

6.3 Images for publication in printed matter (e.g. calendars)
By uploading the image(s) to the area provided for this purpose (calendar album/photo competition), the user assigns the rights of use to the images for use as a calendar image to Zetorworld.com and agrees to the publication, in particular as printed calendar image.

Furthermore, by uploading, the user agrees that the image may be post-processed for optimization and that the user name of the photographer be published below the image/on the cover sheet.

The user waives the assertion of any compensation (especially of a financial nature) for the granting of the above rights and the assertion of legal remedies against the Zetorworld.com site in the context in question (especially in the event of misuse of the calendar images by third parties).

7. Private Messages & Emails

7.1 General
If necessary, we offer the function of private messages as an internal contact option. These can be used as an aid to private communication. It is not permitted to publish private messages or emails from other users without their consent and/or to use them for other purposes. If desired, the e-mail address can be hidden in the user profile.

7.2 Commercial use of email addresses of other users
The e-mail addresses that can be viewed in the user profile may not be collected and/or passed on or processed by any visitor and/or user of our website for commercial purposes, unless the owner of the e-mail address expressly and verifiably agrees to this.

7.3 Exception I
The members of the Zetorworld.com team are exempt from rule 7.1 if private messages directly concern the operation of the forum. (see 7.4)

8. Violation & Follow

8.1 General
We reserve the right to take the following steps if you violate the rules of this forum:

• Edit, move or delete individual posts, topics or entire content.

• Sending a private notice to the offending user requesting correction or desist, if appropriate.

• Changing the avatar and/or user title of the user in question.

• Restriction of access to the forum

• Temporary withdrawal of write permissions

• Exclusion from the forum (includes the ban on continuing to use the Zetorworld.com website). Registering again after being excluded from the forum is also punishable as trespassing on the Internet and may be reported to the police.

As a rule, all regulatory measures should be justified by private message to the affected user. Such measures are NOT announced in the forum, since discussions about them are not to be held publicly and the decision always lies with the operator or the forum team of this private Internet offer.

9. Other Rules and Regulations

9.1 Abuse of forum status
Moderators and admins risk their membership in the team by exploiting their status for personal gain. This also applies to non-compliance with the rules or use of this Internet platform as a trading place for the sale of goods and/or services and/or if it becomes known that team internals are passed on to outsiders. The final decision lies with the administration of the forum.

9.2 Username as advertising
It is not permitted to misuse the nickname (user name) as an advertising space. Should this happen, we reserve the right to change the name or take other steps. The use of an Internet or e-mail or messenger address as a user name is generally not permitted.

9.3 Use of the forum as a trading place
Furthermore, it is forbidden to use this internet platform as a trading place for the commercial sale of goods and/or services without the prior approval of the administration and/or the operator. Users who are confronted with such sales intentions, please contact an administrator immediately.

9.4 Passing on your own account to third parties
Passing on your own account to third parties is not permitted and will result in immediate exclusion from the forum. The forum management also reserves the right to take any legal action (violation of house rules) against the person concerned.

9.5 Double registrations / double accounts
Double registrations (double accounts) that serve an abusive purpose are strictly prohibited and lead to immediate exclusion from the forum.

9.6 Re-login after suspension
A new login/registration after a block or exclusion from the forum constitutes a violation of domiciliary rights. In this case, the forum management reserves the right to take legal action against the person concerned.

9.7 Solicitation
Contacting other users on Zetorworld.com for the purpose of 'poaching' to other related websites (open in the forum and/or 'covert' in the form of e.g. 'private messages') leads to immediate exclusion from this forum. Attempts of this kind are to be reported to an administrator by private message.

9.8 Acceptance of Board Rules
By entering this forum, every user of this forum fully accepts all the regulations mentioned here as a binding part of his stay here.

9.9 House rules
This Internet offer from Zetorworld.com is private and voluntary and the operator also has so-called domiciliary rights on the Internet. There is NO legal right to access this website, to whereabouts, maintenance and / or continuation, regardless of the legal basis.

In this respect, the operator of this Internet forum has the right at any time to change this forum and/or its rules, to discontinue the offer and/or to restrict it in any other way and to refuse access to this forum without further justification.

For technical reasons, information about changes and/or additions to these conditions cannot be sent to each user of this website individually. In this respect, it is the sole obligation of the user to make sure at any time by re-reading these conditions whether and which conditions have been adjusted and/or changed. An appeal to 'not knowing' on the part of the user or 'not recognizing, because changed since last knowledge' is excluded.

II. Binding terms of use when creating contributions

According to international jurisprudence, the operator of an opinion forum does not have any general monitoring or research obligations as to whether illegal content exists at all. The forum operator and the team assume no liability whatsoever for the correctness of the content and contributions and retrievable files in this forum.

The forum operator makes this service/this website available exclusively technically and every user of this internet forum expressly and legally unrestrictedly releases the operator/webmaster/owner of this website from any legal or any other kind of responsibility for the respective content of the individual contributions, the users of this internet forum publish.

Solely the author of a contribution is legally responsible, which is legally recognized by sending a contribution and/or uploading content to our server(s).

The forum operator has no influence whatsoever and is therefore generally not liable for the content of all posts in this forum that he has not published himself.

Any kind of civil liability claims against the operator(s) of this forum and/or the administrators and/or moderators working here due to the use of this website are therefore excluded in principle and under all circumstances.

This disclaimer of liability is to be regarded as a condition of use of this website, even if reference is made to this page(s) from external websites. If parts or individual formulations of this text do not, no longer or not completely correspond to the applicable legal situation, the remaining parts of the document remain unaffected in their content and validity and it is considered agreed to replace these passages with legal formulations that correspond to the original come as close as possible to the legal sense of the wording.

The Zetorworld.com Team

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