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question 10145 PTO hard to engage and slow to disengage.


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Feb 3, 2018
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Hello everyone.

Hopefully someone can help with my father in law's 10145. When the PTO lever on the column is in the off position then you try to push the selector lever on the floor forwards to select 540 it just grinds and won't go in to gear unless you stop the engine.

Once I have restarted the engine the PTO doesn't turn until I pull the lever on the steering column and all work fine. But when you go to turn it off, it slows down initially but then just keeps turning slowly ( I have my firewood processor on the back of it and the conveyor belt and saw head are still moving) untill it decides to come to a stop in its own good time or sometimes it takes that long I just knock the selector out of gear.

With the engine running the PTO brake appears to work as I can't spine the shaft.

Hopefully that all makes sense. 🙃
Hello You should never touch the handle on the floor when your turning on or off the PTO. Leave the handle in the 540 place and only use the lever beside the steering wheel. If the shaft keeps turning after your have been working it and the tractor is hot, then you'd got a problem. It's either the brake or the pump.
The lever on the floor is put in neutral mainly to make starting easier in cold temperatures.
The PTO is hydraulically activated / deactivated. If the torque multiplier and the front wheel assist clutch work well, than the pump should be ok.
If the PTO stops turning slowly, it could be that the oil pressure in the clutch assembly relieves to slow for some reason.

The repair manual 1A/1982 has an item about troubleshooting the PTO clutch, too much to post here.
There is no simple answer, sorry.

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