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Compression tester

Germany Joachim

Staff member
Sep 9, 2012
Germany, Wiedemar
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Zetor 2011, Zetor 3045, Zetor 5011, Zetor 7340 Economic
I once bought the American version of a compression recorder, a Motometer for diesel engines:
1694204290832.png 1694204306571.png

Before that I tried to get a Czech/Slovakian one and was only partially successful - it was incomplete. Now I was lucky last week and was able to buy one that was almost new and, above all, completely cheap. Big advantage - the device comes with the right adapter for the Zetor nozzle sticks and there is also a German operating manual . No tinkering necessary, no guessing. ;)

This is what the suitcase looks like:

KN-1127 - made in Bratislava (Slowakia)
1694204244284.png 1694204275119.png
On the right I pre-assembled it so that you can better imagine how it is used. The writing sheets look quite similar to those of the American version, but there are around 100 new ones.

If you're wondering what that cable in the box is supposed to do - you were clever, the two alligator clips go to the starter and at the other end of the cable there is a start button. This means you can turn the engine from the ground without having to crawl onto the tractor. Someone thought about it. ;)

Let's see where the testing device will be used for the first time. :)
How do you check the compression on a diesel engine?

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