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FAQ Fuel gauge

Germany Joachim

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Sep 9, 2012
Germany, Wiedemar
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Zetor 2011, Zetor 3045, Zetor 5011, Zetor 7340 Economic
Zetor fuel gauge, fuel gauge and fuel gauge/fuel gauge

The fuel gauge, also known as the fuel gauge, always shows the driver the current filling volume of the fuel tank.

Fuel gauge (instrument) from the front (top) and rear (bottom):
1711277439805.png 1711277553495.png

Fuel sender: old (1984) and new (2014) of the Zetor 5011-7340
1711277568062.png 1711277582837.png

Assignment of the fuel sender:

Electrical connection diagram - how are the fuel gauge and fuel sensor connected to each other?
M = measure or G = encoder (signal)
K = control lamp or W = warning lamp (reserve)
31= ground (earth conductor)
30= plus from the battery or better ignition plus (54)

Troubleshooting: (Fuel sender, fuel gauge instrument, cable)
  • The fuel gauge pointer is full, but the tank is only 3/4 full or less.
    • Cables swapped (e.g. M to K (or W)) - check and correct if necessary
    • Disconnect connection M or G and see whether the display goes blank:
      - Yes: Fuel gauge instrument is ok - Look for a fault in the sender (corrosion) or in the cable harness (cable break, short to ground).
      - No: Fuel gauge instrument defective - replace if necessary
  • Short to ground
    • Check that the cable M-M (or M-G) does not have a short to ground due to brittle insulation or a cable break.
  • Fuel gauge pointer moves involuntarily or does not display correctly
    • Check the fuel sender variable resistor to see if it is worn or corroded:
      The only thing that can help here is a new fuel sender!
    • Check the tank sensor float to see if it is leaking:
      Here too, only replacing the fuel sender helps.

  • Checking the variable resistance with a multimeter - the resistance between the ground and G (or M) connections is measured:

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