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question No new zetor crystals in canada - why?


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Nov 17, 2017
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after taking a leap of faith and trading in my deeres for a zetor (proxima plus 120) ive been doing lots of reading online. once i get some more things paid off ill be on the market for another tractor. as much as ive looked around, ive noticed that there are no crystals being imported to north america and was wondering why?
Crystal is an intermediate model. In 2019 a renewed version will be introduced based on feedback on this one. In its current form it is best suited for Eastern European conditions.

So what made you decide to withdraw from the cult of the galloping goat ? Deere has quite a status in North America... ;)
our decision to get rid of the deere tractors basically came down to two things. 1) lack of proper dealer support- if your arnt one of the big players in the area spending 300,000$+ a year at the dealership they really only seem interested in making the intitial sale. trades were considered but not encouraged. 2) parts supply was becoming ridiculous for a company that has its claim to fame with off the shelf parts. also the prices arnt at an acceptible level. my discbine broke down this summer middle of haying season and it took them 2 weeks to get parts in "overnight". once i got the bill and saw what they charged me for some items a basic hardware store had at triple cost that was the tipping stone. 5 dollar a piece bolts, flat washers, etc. a 600dollar tie rod end. 1800 dollar dash. . . . . you get the idea. im far from the only guy switching things up here for equipment, even if the dealer is 3 hours one way drive
When looking for reasonable parts prices, you naturally end up at Zetor . I know what parts cost, and twice the price you calculate with, for assembling a new machine, is required for all the phone calls, packaging etcetera you have with aftermarket. And the dealer needs a profit too. But sometimes you are charged fivefold.

I drive Zetor tractors and Volvo cars. Robustness and parts availability and price.

Sunday i heard of someone having a Case maxxum 5130. Very clean for its age and reliable. Untill the powershuttle pressure sensor failed. Because Case is now owned by New Holland (Fiat Group) the Italian policy is introduced: after 20 years, the manufacturer is no longer required by law, to provide spare parts. Dealer offered him 3500 euro for the tractor for wrecking, or wanted 3000 euro for a used sensor.

The used sensor was bought and the tractor is now for sale, he wants to get rid of it before the resale value plummets when potential buyers realise whats happening with the parts availability....

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