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  1. jcataclism

    news ZETOR - NEW SERIES videoteaser

    Cool! The front looks like both a spider and a drone. Nice!
  2. jcataclism

    hello My Zetor 5211 88 Mod

    Cool looking front tires, there! They look like coming straight from some drift kart! :cool:(y)(y)(y)
  3. jcataclism

    9540 pto/torque multiplier

    Just to mention: did you check the gearbox' oil level as well? Mine used to slip on second gear when grass mowing uphill, then I realized the oil level should be always a bit above than the usual for such situations.
  4. jcataclism

    question 5211 hydraulic fluid level

    I would say that whether you start a new topic will make easier to people get you a better answer, as older users might not take a look here assuming they could not help in such an old matter (originally). ;):coffee: ........... But, regarding the oil stick, it's usually at the driver's...
  5. jcataclism

    hello Zetor 7211 Turbo 4x4

    Look at that! So compact and strong! And, besides every other great modifications, that front PTO looks perfect. Congratulations!
  6. jcataclism

    hello Hi this is my tractor I’m new to this forum my names Mike

    Well, sir, I sincerely hope you can get the time and great tips to restore this tractor, because it seems really cool, especially whether it still runs and works greatly. Awesome!!!
  7. jcataclism

    question Zetor 8441 proxima brake problems - need help

    There's also that adjustment on the brake pedal itself, but I believe it's less often that the problem is there. At least the real problem was on the pedal's adjustments in my case, when the rear-left brake began to lock by itself, "out of nowhere". Initially, at least... :cautious:
  8. jcataclism

    hello My rig - Troys Zetor 6945

    Just look at that "cabin" roof.... AWESOME!
  9. jcataclism

    hello My new one 5245

    Nice, really nice! And great paint-job on the wheels!
  10. jcataclism

    question Zetor 3340 rear hydraulic lift lever pin broke?

    Hey, Zeter! The more-savy guys will probably get you a much better answer, but for now, in case it can help you a little bit, I have just recorded a very poor video, applying a zoom on the rear hydraulic's lever at work, while I change the position of the lever front and back. Maybe it can help...
  11. jcataclism

    question Zetor 3340 Quicke Q720 Loader 1995

    Well, I don't know whether it might be related, but i had a very similar problem in my 7340 when I first bought it (second handed), so I found out there was a loosen screw at the bottom of the lift's lever (the one in the cabin, near the "D-M-P" in your picture), so even I moved it a lot, the...
  12. jcataclism

    question Zetor 3340 Quicke Q720 Loader 1995

    The lever near your foot (first picture) should allow you to choose the speed of the rear hydraulic lifting - at least it's what I have found here in forums and the manuals, as mine have never worked since I bought it :cautious: The second picture shows the level of "resistance" for the rear...
  13. jcataclism

    hello Hello Everyone (Zetor 7745, 3340, 7320)

    Nice tractor family you got there! Cool!
  14. jcataclism

    question What model of Zetor tractor do you own?

    My 7340 4x4 turbo will fit in "3320 to 7320 or 4x4", right? :unsure:
  15. jcataclism

    question Steering trouble at my Zetor 7245

    Regarding the movement front/back, I have "just" fixed (5 days ago) a very similar issue in my 7340 4x4, and such issue had also gave me trouble with the steering - because it ended up braking the screws which hold the hydraulic fluid hoses attached to the cylinder in axis. Unfortunately I...
  16. jcataclism

    hello Hi Everyone in ZetorWorld,

    That's almost aggravating! :LOL::LOL::LOL: Beautiful work!
  17. jcataclism

    hello Hi Everyone in ZetorWorld,

    It is so satisfying to see a machine's working panel in such pristine conditions! Congratulations!
  18. jcataclism

    hello Hello from Hoogblokland (NL)

    WOW! Those pictures AND those machines are just awesome!