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news -update: HCP looses Deutz Fahr per 2025- HCP Norge admits Zetor has no priority

HCP Norge, the Zetor importer of Norway, which has taken on Deutz Fahr and is pushing them over Zetor to their dealers, has finally spoken straight out what they have been doing for 10 years: They will no longer prioritize Zetor.

This changes nothing for customers, as HCP has asked people who asked for Zetor, if they wouldnt rather buy a Deutz from their inventory instead, for years.

Off course it is understandable that they took on Deutz Fahr because it takes the same marketing expense to promote a brand, but DF gives more revenue because DF has a full line of tractors and Zetor not.... But this is more like a wakeup call for Zetor that they need to get their act together: Make the 6 cylinder dealers want, and find a new importer because the current one has rendered useless.
I phoned lasst days with an ex-Zetor dealer (now Same, Deutz) and he says, if Zetor realy brings the new Forterra with Deutz/ZF, then they think about coming back to Zetor. But also a point will be the price for new Forterra that no one knows at this time.

So I realy think, there ist some potential with the new series, if Zetor doesnt sucks in quality with the first release and offers a good support.
, then they think about coming back to Zetor .
Thinking, or doing, are two different things. In the end, everybody has a business to run, and the supplier with the best business opportunities wins. Will people really give up what they have, to go back to what is unproven, out of brand loyalty ?
Let us discus again about in around 10 months - all others is a look in a glass bullet.
But Ok, iam also more a optimist with a little bit hang to realist, but most time not a pessimist. :D :p ;)

And nobody says give some things up - most dealers sells more then one brand and when you can have synergies with same motors, known gearboxes and a better price...
But Ok, iam also more a optimist with a little bit hang to realist, but most time not a pessimist. :D :p ;)
I think i am a realist too... trust comes by foot and leaves by train. And Zetor has been disappointing trust for 15 years now. They really have to work hard to earn that trust back. And i am worried if the Zetor organisation can make this big of a change in one or two years, especially when you see how long it took them to wake up and face things. You just dont change corporate DNA overnight. It really takes a different kind of leadership.

Anyways, let them prove it... Everybody at Zetor knows its impossible, but maybe a new guy comes around, who didnt know it was impossible, and just does it 😉

And nobody says give some things up - most dealers sells more then one brand and when you can have synergies with same motors, known gearboxes and a better price...
The reality is, that major brands demand exclusivity from their dealers. They dont want you to offer a competitive product from another brand. So yes: Claas or John Deere will not keep you as a dealer if you go back to Zetor. Only large dealers who are succesful with both brands, can resist pressure from either side.
Yes, it seems Zetors Scandinavian problem is solved then.

Now they still have a sales network problem in Holland and Germany to solve... the Anglosaxon countries seem to go ever steady.
Maybe - the fun fakt will be, its a red Deutz then. ;) :D
In Norway that is a good thing, if dealers in the HCP network loose Deutz, they can sell a direct replacement in red. Also Norway is thinner populated so farmers sooner buy whatever brand is sold nearby.

Here in Holland, with a very thin dealer network, mostly consisting of local smiths that havent grown out into professional dealers with sufficient factory training (because those who have professionalised, have outgrown Zetor and went with a brand that could at least offer a 200hp tractor) they will have a harder time to compete against Deutz with a better network.

People buy from people. Its not always the product that makes the sale, its often the people behind it. And here in Holland, the succesfull people have abandoned ship. That is a real problem here.

I cant see Zetor return to former sales numbers in Holland without a dealer network they used to have, and i cant see them get a professional dealer network without being able to offer a 200hp six pot, so a farmer doesnt have to maintain a relationship with a competing dealer for his main tractor.

Thats why i would have chosen to build a six pot from 160 to 210hp with the TPT20 rear end first. The Forterra could be replaced later, its not essential in establishing new dealers. People that now buy a 171hp four pot, used to buy a 10540 thirty years ago. Farmers who bought a 12145 thirty years ago, now buy a 200hp six pot...
Aii... HCP will replace Deutz Fahr with CNH... Zetor still has to go on the lookout for a new importer in the Scandinavian countries...

The issue is, who is enthousiast about investing in setting up a sales network when you can only offer 4 cylinders with powershift?


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