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question Zetor 8441 proxima brake problems - need help

I have the Zetor 3340 and with the Hydraulic brake peddles lock-together, it will some times by itself tighten up the brakes.
Has been doing it mostly when backing up a hill.
Several weeks ago I was driving on the road traveling down hill in high-range (10th gear),
when then tractor began slowing down a lot.
My first thought was the engine had died, but when I pressed the clutch in the engine RPM returned,
which as I suspected was one of the brakes heated up and was braking the tractor.
Pulled off the road and waited for it to cool down and then adjusted that brake,
Had to back it off a lot.

This is done at the back of the tractor (See picture).
You may need to remove a black cover first and then you should see where the adjustment nut is.
See / Find the black nut and make it looser by backing it off.

Also if anyone knows why the Hydraulic brakes tighten up on there own, pleases comment,
because I need to get this brake trouble under control too.

This picture may be a better help
Brake Adjuster Nut_.jpg
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How to adjust brakes on rear axle?
For a "Hello, Iam Harald. And this are my Zetor tractors... + *a photo from tractors*" Iam be willing to copy some stuff from Proxima workshop manual . :) ;)
There's also that adjustment on the brake pedal itself, but I believe it's less often that the problem is there.
At least the real problem was on the pedal's adjustments in my case, when the rear-left brake began to lock by itself, "out of nowhere". Initially, at least... :cautious:

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