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hello 8045 project tractor owner fron Finland


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Jan 26, 2024
Lahti Finland
First name

Crystal 8045 -78
Hi you all!

I bought this tractor without much of thinking, and I wasnt even drunk:LOL:! A non-runner, thirty-footer (looks good 10.. well, 50 meters away), but it's quite complete and was less than 10km away from me, and has a front loader. Now it's all covered in snow, but look at all that (also internal) beauty in the summer. Sorry for lazy me for linking images from another forum I'm not revealing:rolleyes::

1706357528526.png 1706357551653.png 1706357578884.png

I did manage to find bearings for the camshaft, that were approved by the machine shop. Now just waiting for the snow to melt so I can cut him in half and take the engine to the shop for drilling the camshaft hole and get the bearings inserted (originally there's no bearings but just a hole in the engine block).

Greetings from snowy Finland!
Hello and welcome Kaapeli! :)

Con you tell us more about the bearings you have found for the camshaft problem? I think tahts realy interesting point for other members to to save the motor housing.

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