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hello First time Zetor owner - Lee's Zetor 6945

United-Kingdom lee123

Level 2
Feb 11, 2024
First name

Zetor 6945
Hi, my name is Lee from Cornwall UK, I've taken the plunge into a world of unknown delights buying a 6945 tractor to work on a small holding farm in Redruth.
Zetor as she has been christened, is a 1984 full cab 4wd and is in great shape, for her age.
There are some issues and there are many jobs to do to get her in safe working order.
I have the original owners manual , which is in mint condition, after a few goes at reading it lets just say things got lost in translation and i now see why its mint.
So here I am looking to find some answers to a few questions which may sometimes seem a bit naïve. Go easy, Its my first Tractor and I have much to learn.
...and then those few questions will end up becoming several answers and, consequently, a lot of new different questions as well. 😁

Hope you start a nice, new "era" by working with such a nice renamed machine!

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