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Engine dies after 10 minutes


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Oct 27, 2023
May texas
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Zetor forterra 120cl
My forterra120cl has acted like it is running out of fuel after running fine for approximately 10-12 minutes. Wait 5-10 minutes start runs fine same results. I have changed inline filter and canister type filter twice. Drained fuel tank and replaced fuel thru a filtered funnel. Same results. Any ideas appreciated.
I am not too familiar with the Forterra, but on the UR1 we've found anything wrapped around the first banjo bolt in the fuel line after the tank: A fly, a pea, a flake of a raincoat.

The filtered funnel is always good, but it helps when you blow fuel back into the tank with a compressor. Any trash in the fuel line will then also be blown back into the tank.
I had a similar issue with my 7340 during the first weeks (bought it used/second hand). After messing with a lot of stuff, we found out the manual pump was damaged, so after a few minutes it would no longer be able to pull fuel from tank and also didn't avoid it trying to go back. We assumed it only worked for a few minutes because after that the fuel passing by was a little hotter, and then expanded the rubber/whatever inside and no longer did its job.

Wasn't worth trying to fix it (again!), so I added a electrical external pump, which is working for years now.

If your tractor has one of such little pumps as well, try disconnecting the hose from it when tractor fails to see whether there's still fuel inside.
Were you able to check if there was fuel coming from the injectors as well?

This video might help showing what I am talking about:

View: https://youtu.be/Jnl2fP6Aoek
What type of pump did you install?
How many liters per minute and what pressure?

I'm also thinking about removing the stock fuel pump and using an electric fuel pump instead. This eliminates another potential problem (damaged fuel pumps can pump diesel into the injection pump and engine oil). ;)
I just think it's worth mentioning that I really like the original lift pump, but I use the tractor almost all the time in different elevations and inclinations terrain, so with the lower fuel tank it just couldn't handle the job.

I bought just a regular, generic Chinese pump of branch "Euro - for diesel". You just cannot trust in any information given by its sellers or datasheets, but it's the only thing available in Brazil. But I have to confess I have a satisfactory surprise regarding both its reliability and strenght - even being installed after the fuel filter (midway between filter and engine pump) it supplies more than enough fuel to the 4-cylinders and return, usually working for up to three hours in low-gear.

Prior to that, I had tried another model similar to the gasoline vehicles, with the pump working submerged in diesel, inside fuel tank, but that one have lasted for less than three months - maybe it was too much work to push fuel thru the filter.

This current "Euro" one is working for more than 4 years now, with no problems at all.


Edit: it's one like this, used in mid-weight diesel trucks and vans down here in Brazil.
Allegedly, "4,0 BAR pressure and 100L/Hour". :unsure:

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Hello, im not sure what year your tractor is, but does it have the electric shut off solenoid on the injection pump? The ones thst we have had go bad usually just stop working but it is possible yours is getting weak and shutting the tractor off prematurely.

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